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PopularHobby FAQ

What is PopularHobby?
PopularHobby a community and marketplace for thousands of hobbies. Share your collection, buy, sell, and discuss!
How much does it cost to open a collection on PopularHobby?
It's completely free to open a collection on PopularHobby. If you decide to sell items, PopularHobby makes money by taking a small commission from your sale. See our Fees & Payments Policy for more information.
What if I buy things from different collections?
Each craft collection has its own checkout and set of policies. If you have items from more than one collection in your cart, you will checkout with each owner individually.
How do I open a collection on PopularHobby?
To open your collection on PopularHobby, sign up for the site. When you sign in, you will have the option to Open a Collection in the My Account dropdown at the top of the screen. There are also links in the footer as well.
I have more questions; how do I ask them?
We welcome your questions! Once you have signed up, please click here to contact us or look for the Help links in the site's footer.
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